Cross Fields Austrian Pub

The heart of Australia packed into a pub in the heart of Vienna

It’s kind of random to have an Aussie pub in the middle of Vienna at the arse end of one of its fanciest buildings, the Opera, right? It would be like finding the Vienna opera in the middle of Woop Woop Outback Straya’ with a bunch of roos bouncin’ around it. Now THAT would be unexpected, right? Exactly. And that’s what we’re going for at Crossfield’s – an unexpected experience.

That’s why we hire chefs whose sense of humour are as good as their skills in the kitchen. They’re always inventing & slapping things in our menu like Crocodile Schnitzel and Green Kangaroo Curry (the curry’s green, not the ‘roos).

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Crossfield's, Australian Pub
Maysedergasse 5
A-1010 Wien

+43 1 24 100-230

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